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CONT/EXT is a Mothership one-shot of existential horror. A britpunk nightmare set on a failing research station.

You work for Continued Existence (CONT/EXT for short). CONT/EXT's mission is to ensure humanity can survive an Outside Context Event (OCE): existential, apocalyptic threats to civilisation.

You've been sent to investigate the deep-space research station, The Lachesis. The station has been reporting system malfunctions and the crew have gone radio silent. It's up to you to retrieve the valuable research stored there.


This package includes:

  • 5-6 pages of pure cosmic horror
  • 4 new NPCs and a horrifying new threat
  • research station schematics
  • printable player map for table-top and VTT play
  • and character tokens for the player map.

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